Project: Shahdadpuri Residence

LOCALITY Mahindra Splendour – Bhandup, Mumbai
AREA 1450 sq.ft.
DESCRIPTION In the era of minimalist interiors where the trend of white interiors seemed like each clients preference this client was a refreshing change. A couple in their 60’s the child in them is still alive and they gave me a free hand with colours.

To my surprise it wasn’t a dash of colours that they wanted but each room was more like a colour themed space. Moving from one room to the other was like a transition into different zones befitting their role in the house.

The living room being the showcase of the house was adorned in the royal purple silk texture. Softer tones were used for the bedrooms and the office space was given a modern outlook in white and red.

Their brief was to create a homely space and comfort and ease to use the space or furniture being critical in the design of the furniture, be it a TV unit with side CD storage or hydraulic beds or storage along the seating along their large windows on the 22nd floor of the building giving them an uninterrupted view of Bombay.

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